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Społeczna Akademia Nauk (University of Social Sciences)


SPOŁECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK (University of Social Sciences) is one of the leading private universities in Poland with more than 25 years of experience. The goal of the University is to equip students and graduates with specialist knowledge and practical skills needed in the 21st century’s labor market, both at the local and international levels.
SAN offers education on undergraduate, graduate, MBA and PhD levels in major cities in Poland and in the branch campus in London. Students have also the opportunity to finish an American Master degree program with Clark University (USA). In the educational rankings, published by the influential national magazines the University is placed very high. The University is also a significant institution of persistent adult education (LLL) offering different courses for adults.

SAN is also one of the largest private universities in Poland, with 16.000 students and 150 academic staff. There are 18 departments, including up-to-date majors: IT Studies, Culture Studies, Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology, International Tourism and Hospitality Management and many others.
SAN provides high-quality education to students from all over the world. The intellectual and personal growth of students is enhanced by a wide variety of educational programs and extracurricular activities. The university maintains a national and international character, attracting high-caliber students and faculty from all quarters of the globe.

Contact: Aleksandra Zając

3rd Regional Centre for the Design of Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in Northern Greece


The 3rd Regional Centre for the Design of Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in Northern Greece is one of the 13 Regional Education centers under the auspices of the Ministry of Education implementing and promoting educational innovative policies and linking local agents to central services in Greece. It was established in 2018 as a public nonprofit organization and its Coordinators are in charge of 750 schools, 3000 teachers, more than 11.000 students and their parents. The organization is responsible for the teachers’ coordination, consultation and guidance, as well as the supervision of educational bodies and parents’ support. The coordinators’ mission is to ensure equal access to education for all students and care for students’ progress as well as their psychosocial wellbeing. They also organize teacher training courses on new pedagogies, innovative teaching methodologies and practices promoting inclusion, collaboration as well as knowledge and skills acquisition. The organization aims are: a) to create opportunities for teachers’ professional development and initiate communities of practice b)to ensure personal growth and progress for all the students with no discrimination and c)to support parents in their parental role.

Contact: Nikolaos Graikos

Jazykova skola s pravem statni jazykove zkousky PELICAN, s.r.o.


The Language school PELICAN Brno organizes individual, group and company courses and one-year lasting post-secondary course of English, German, Spanish language with students status. PELICAN is located in the very centre of Brno, Czech Republic.
Language teaching at PELICAN keeps pace with the rushing time by providing online languages courses “remotely” through various online communication platforms, as well as virtual online classes on the Moodle platform and other tools to produce educational materials.
PELICAN has experience at the development and implementation of innovative teaching and learning resources and methodologies which target group of young or disadvantaged people. PELICAN has participated in several EU projects, where it has been mainly responsible for pedagogical and language aspects of European projects, especially in terms of research, design and framework of teaching methods, resources for teachers, trainings and workshops.
PELICAN cooperates actively with both regional and local authorities and non-state subjects in the development of project results. PELICAN has been a member of several expert groups organized by the Brno City Municipality to deal with various dimensions of life of foreigners in the city of Brno and the region of South Moravia, such as health, education, or employment issues.

Contact:  Dagmar Ráček Pelikánová, CEO and Founder

Emphasys Centre


The Emphasys Centre, was established in 1998, and operates as an Education, ICT Training Centre, Research and Software Development Centre approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. It is organized in 4 inter-related departments:

  • The Education Department which offers validated and accredited IT courses, as well as Career Counseling Services.
  • The ICT Training Department which includes two highly equipped units: (a) the STEAM Unit which offers courses to young people combining Robotics, 3D Design and Printing, as well as Coding through Video Game guided with ‘Lego Education Trainer’ instructors, and (b) EU Training Unit which provides wide selection of Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility Courses for EU professionals and citizens.
  • The Research Department that works with several organizations on EU projects under a number of funds (e.g. Erasmus, AMIF, AAL, Justice)
  • The Software Development Department which is involved in the design, development, pilot-testing and evaluation of various e-learning tools, games, mobile apps, platforms, websites, applications and assessment portals etc.

Emphasys is an active member of the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN).

Contact Person: Athos Charalambides, Director

Lingua Consulting Spolka z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia


LINGUA CONSULTING Ltd. was established in 2016.
It specializes in language and interpersonal trainings as well as translation services for companies, institutions and individual clients.

We offer a range of language training courses, ranging from individual, through group, and ending with blended learning ones for more demanding learners.

Our offer includes a wide range of interpersonal trainings on sales, customer service, personal development and broadly understood company and human resource management.

Lingua Consulting diagnoses the needs of employees and enterprises in order to create a multidimensional and tailor-made curriculum aimed at developing language competence for staff and institutions.


CSR is an integral part of the innovative business model of Lingua Consulting, which is open to the implementation and support of social initiatives. Lingua elaborated on the strategy in the field of education of children and youth related to the scope of the company’s activities, at the same time staying in line with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Lingua Consulting implements various projects within different programmes i.a. Erasmus+ or the EEA and Norway Grants, which are addressed to diverse target groups and aim to provide them with a different perspective on language acquisition and soft skills development.

Contact: Magdalena Bednarek, President



Asserted Knowledge (AKNOW) is a technical consulting and staff sourcing company providing highly skilled ICT services and staff to organisations. An important service provision which differentiates AKNOW from other consultancies is our approach to business analysis reports which is based on the utilisation of the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN).
AKNOW’s staff have many years of commercial experience supporting large, multinational ICT integrators and a profound experience in coordinating several publicly funded projects from Framework Programme 6, 7 and the Life Long Programme. AKNOW’s current activities are focused on training through innovative methodologies for e-learning, personalised training approaches, provision of targeted sustainability training to SMEs, dissemination and quality assurance methodologies and tools focused on targeted quality metrics and best practices/lessons learned from programmes.


Contact: Konstantinos Mengos 



ASOCIATIA BUCURESTI PENTRU COPII DISLEXICI is an NGO, established according to the final court decision in file 14052/299/2014, by a group of parents in Bucharest who for years faced the problems related to the schooling of their children in the public and private system of education.
According to his state, the Association aims at carrying out social, civil, cultural, instructional, education, training and information assistance and solidarity activities related to dyslexic problems.
The Association is since 2017 member of EDA (European Dyslexia Association).
The Association has currently about 250 active members (parents of dyslexic children, specialists in psychology and education of children with special education needs, speech therapists, teachers) and many other supporters.
Erasmus projects:
MAGIC SENS- MAnaging Graduated approach and Including balanced Curriculum for Special Educational Needs Students
FORDYS-VAR – providing opportunities to improve the learning of people with dyslexia through technology, specifically Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)